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Engadine Hotel was first established in the early 1950’s by Millers Brewery.

In 1978 Kevin Francis Liddy, a local Shire entrepreneur bought the Hotel. He soon renovated it, and it became Liddy’s Engadine Family Tavern.

Engadine Tavern was renovated once again in 2007, resulting in the Tavern having two main balconies, two modern public bars, a comfortable gaming room and TAB.

Engadine Tavern Bottleshop was also renovated and has a wide range to choose from. It is well known for Kev’s fine wines.

Engadine Tavern Bistro will be renovated into a more modern restaurant, the back bars will become Cocktail bars with a built in DJ and bigger and better Dance Floor.

The Liddy family supports local business and is happy to support local sporting clubs including Engadine Dragons Rugby League Club and Engadine Eagles Football Club.

The Liddy family has owned Engadine Tavern for the last 30 years and will continue to operate in the future.